i’m going to apologise for the lack of updates! holiday season has turned a little bit hectic! i’ll try and post some more things tomorrow! but it’s me birthday on xmas day as well as all the family stuff sooooo it might be slow until then! <333 please keep following!

1 year ago

Potresti sposarmi??

this song okay

I’m back everyone!!! Expect updates and pretty things tonight!!!

1 year ago
weekend break!

alright everyone!

i’m going to dublin for the weekend to see my best friend before christmas. i wont be able to post anything i make myself, but i’ll be able to reblog stuff! keep the asks coming! <3 this applies to radioactivehosters.tumblr.com too! all of you have great weekends and i’ll be back on sunday night! <3

—- lottie x

1 year ago